Our story


In a mill...

Once upon a time, two young people from Tata met 30 years ago on the shores of the Old Lake and tied their lives together forever. That's us. After raising our children, we decided we wanted others to enjoy the old site of our love, so in 2016 we began renovating the mills that had been in our family for more than 30 years.

Malom és Kacsa épület


We've also created a replica of the Mill Wheel to the same scale as the original, building on the structure of the last remaining development. The wheel also spins when there is enough water in the creek bed. 


The legacy of the past obliged us to do a perfect job, as the Old Mill was built in the 1760s-1770s by the Esterházy estate, and the Tóvárosi or Czégényi mill was probably built on the site of a medieval mill. As these are nationally listed buildings, the design and construction of the building was in constant consultation with the Office for the Protection of Historical Monuments, so the three Baroque circular wooden columns, the slab beams and some of the period walls have been preserved in their original state.

Our mission

As the owners, we want this place to be the perfect place for Tata's culture and community life, both because of its location and its other qualities. Would you like to see your favourite jazz band, exhibition, or performer here, or learn how to make salted caramel or bake a homemade sourdough bread in peace? Follow us so you don't miss our events. 

We welcome all programme ideas to sales@malomeskacsa.hu We promise we will try our best to make all the wishes we receive come true!