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Tata's Bistro by the lake

Invite yourself, your family or business partners for a quick, delicious and nutritious lunch. Our weekly menu, available from Wednesday to Friday, offers seasonal delicacies for gluten and lactose intolerant guests also. Enjoy a romantic, intimate dinner while embracing the Old Lake of Tata. Our panoramic terraces overlooking the lake and our spacious interiors are ideal for family events, weddings, stag and hen parties, birthdays and christenings. Our state-of-the-art event rooms can also be used as corporate event venues. Perfect location for team-building events, Christmas parties, conferences, meetings, club events, workshops. We also have private event spaces suitable for family occasions, small cultural events and exhibitions.

Bistro in Tata


When you arrive at the Malom és Kacsa Restaurant and Event House, you can see three listed mills from the car park, two of which have been restored. The Old Fulling Mill was built in the 1760s and 1770s by the Esterházy family. Our apartments and our bistro are located in this building of the event house. From the bistro, guests are also able to see a restored replica of the old mill wheel, which can powered by fresh karst water from the Malompatak and Tükör Forrás.

The Tóvárosi or Czégényi mill is believed to have been built on a medieval mill site. It currently houses the event rooms.

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Fashion and elegance can be found at the Malom és Kacsa Bistro and Event House. Upon entering, you are greeted by a modern, elegant, clean yet friendly interior. The refurbishment has preserved the treasures of the past for future generations, providing a welcoming setting for the tastefully imagined interior. Here, each room has a slightly different atmosphere, yet they blend and mutually reinforce each other.

From the bistro , guests can also see a restored, perfect replica of the old mill wheel. The unique water mill is powered by fresh karst water from the Malompatak and the Tükör Forrás.

The panoramic pergola overlooking the lake can be enjoyed through winter and summer. Its wind-proof walls protect against the wind, and in winter it has its own heating system to keep you warm. Every single corner of the Tata bistro is created with our heart and soul, and this love permeates all our food and drinks.


Stop by for a quick brunch, a date, a family event or a business meeting, combined with a nice lunch. You can vary the seasonal dishes on our regularly updated weekly menu to your taste. It is important to know that we are a Tata bistro where every guest is equally important and special. Guests with food intolerances or special dietary requirements, lactose intolerance, gluten intolerance, vegetarian, vegan diets and diabetic guests will not go hungry. Our specialities are also available to them, prepared in a way that they can eat. Coffee and drink specialities complete the delicious meals. Try our homemade lemonades and craft beers, as well as our wine selection. If you're struggling to decide which wine to pair with which dish, our wine dinners will show you how much the right drink can add to the experience.


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We are a child-friendly restaurant, with a special Tiny Duck Dish menu and play area for the little ones. And if they're well fed, they can draw, colour or play with the giant duck in the garden. We're the one bistro in Tata that's dog-friendly, so you don't have to leave your four-legged pet at home. They're welcome in all areas of the bistro, event house and apartments, with fresh water and dog biscuits on offer. The Malom és Kacsa Bistro and Event House is also barrier-free, so you can safely accommodate a wheelchair or pushchair.