Gift voucher


The correct answer is: Gift voucher!

For many, gift giving is a burden because of what you give it for:

  • The one who has everything?
  • Who says they don't want anything?
  • Who doesn't want anything?
  • The one who has everything but can't be surprised anymore?
  • Who is your mother-in-law, father-in-law, brother-in-law, sister-in-law?
  • Who is your client but you know less?
  • Who's your boss, but oh, what won't you insult him with?
  • Whose name you crossed off before the company Christmas but never even spoke to? (That's why no one wanted to trade places with you...)
  • Who invites you to his wedding and you want to surprise him?
  • Who teaches, heals, helps your children?
  • The one you shouldn't go to empty-handed?
malom és kacsa bisztró

The list goes on and on, because let's face it, gift-giving is a difficult business. Christmas, Easter, Graduation, Christening, Wedding, Women's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day, Birthday, Name Day, Anniversary, Engagement .... Tented holidays, special occasions to give something. Something to remember, not just another piece of junk or dust catcher. Perhaps something that is immediately re-gifted, or worse, never taken out...

Our gift vouchers


And if you do eat, eat well, beautifully served, expertly prepared in a wonderful place. Make the day of his choice a celebration for him. How? Choose a gift voucher for the Mill and Duck Restaurant and Event House and you have the perfect gift, with weekly menu and a choice of excellent a la carte dishes.


Is the gift voucher no good for you because you are lactose intolerant/gluten intolerant/do not eat meat/vegetarian/vegan/vegan/vegan/vegan (underline the relevant part(s)) and don't eat anything at family dinners? 

Good news! We've also thought about special dieters and those with food intolerances, as well as conscious lifestyle changers. Many of the dishes on weekly menu and on our menus are prepared 'free-from', and we also have special dishes on our menus, specially designed for them, almost personalised, but certainly adapted to their specific needs.


We've left the essentials to the end! Giving a gift voucher is elegant, because in a beautiful envelope you give the experience, the love and the freedom of choice to the person you're surprising. Give a gift voucher and surprise any friend, relative, family member, boyfriend, partner, business associate or co-worker with a special meal at the Tata Mill and Duck Bistro and Event House.