The big day

There are many things that go into a memorable wedding, but one thing that almost all brides agree on is that everything on the big day has to be perfect. It will not depend on us to make it a success, because the Malom és Kacsa Restaurant and Event House was born out of love.


Judit and Peter's enduring love was born here decades ago, and that energy is still present around the our wedding venues.

Your future together just begins

Romance in Tata

Ceremony with a View

Our Terrace with a view of the Old Lake is a place that is impossible not to fall in love with. You'll fall in love at first sight! Its inimitable ambience creates a wonderful milieu and lighting for a sunset, early evening ceremony. The eventhouse, gardens and lakeside promenade provide wonderful and creative photo locations, so you don't have to travel miles to take the wedding photos, leaving your guests alone.

Everything for your comfort

You can park your car in our closed and private car parks. Get ready with the family in our two apartments of 80 nm2 each, sleeping 6-6 people. Call in your hairdresser and make-up artist so you don't have to run around for the first few hours of the big day. In the two tastefully decorated, comfortable suites, you can change during the wedding or put the little ones to bed when they're tired from the wedding heat and even spend your wedding night there.

Szóljon minden rólatok

today you are the most important

Let everything be about you

Our extensive food and drink menu has been carefully selected to meet all your needs.

Our chef Tivadar Tóth's food creations, combining home-style flavours with the tricks of modern cuisine, are sure to please everyone


Alternative dishes

We offer a range of delicious alternative dishes for our guests with food intolerances, such as lactose intolerance, gluten intolerance, vegetarian, vegan, diabetic or insulin resistant diets. 

Here all are guests are equally important

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We serve specially designed kid-friendly meals for children and if your dog is attending the wedding, he is welcome to join us in our accessible, indoor lift-equipped event centre.

esküvő helyszín panoráma terasz


Rooms and terraces

A favourite wedding venue at the Malom és Kacsa Bistro and Event House is the Panorama Terrace with the view of the lake, ideal for an outdoor ceremony. In this case, the party can be held in the Bright Room, which can accommodate 70-80 people and will comfortably accommodate the band or DJ as well as the guests dancing.

From the Veranda Terrace , we can set up a round table arrangement for dinner. Buffet, platter or plated dinner is available, as well as affordable beverage package deals.

Your future together just begins

So the facilities are given, but these are only words that do not fully reflect what you need to see with your own eyes. Come to Tata's romantic centre, where families are born and futures begin!

malom és kacsa esküvő

Your wedding can easily be like this

Wedding ideas

Location: The Panorama Terrace, Veranda Terrace and the Bright Room

Welcome your guests on the Panorama Terrace, where they will be served refreshments and snacks. After the ceremony, you can receive congratulations and have your photos taken here. And dinner can take place on the Veranda Terrace with a round table arrangement. The celebration will be held in the Bright Room.

Location: Bright Room and the Veranda Terrace

Host your reception and ceremony on our Veranda Terrace, where your guests can enjoy the view of the renovated wheel of the old mill by the creek. The special wooden wheel can even rotate when the amount of the water is right and enough! The party will again be hosted in the Bright Room.

If the ceremony will be held offsite

If you have not requested an on-site ceremony, you can have your wedding dinner on the Panorama Terrace or the Veranda Terrace and your wedding reception in the Bright Room.