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When the Team gets together

There are special days in the life of a business. These are the times to bring the team together, to present what's new, to present future plans or to celebrate Christmas. We offer the ideal venue for corporate events at the Malom és Kacsa Restaurant and Event House, which can be used together or separately by our guests. Our event centre is accessible and has an elevator, making it convenient for everyone to move around the building and between conference venues.

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Tata is only 60 km from Budapest and is easily accessible from the M1 motorway. It is close to the larger towns of Komárom-Esztergom county, but due to the motorway, we also welcome company teams from further afield. And you can park your car in our spacious, enclosed car park without having to search.

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Tailored to your event

Our event rooms can comfortably seat 90-100 people in rows, or 45-50 people with a school room layout. All our venues are air-conditioned, equipped with wireless internet connection, projectors, screens and modern sound equipment. Hand-held and head microphones are available on request, and our unique decoration solutions mean you don't have to carry roll-up banners, as our wall frames can be used to display your company's posters and diplays.


If your company event is over several days, accommodation may be required. The Malom és Kacsa Restaurant and Event House has two tastefully furnished apartments of 80 nm2 with private kitchen and bathroom. The two apartments offer a stunning panoramic view of the Old Lake of Tata, the castle and the Esterházy Castle.

The group can also stay at our partner hotel, Hotel Kristály Imperiál. The hotel is located 80 meters from the event venue, so it is really easy and quick to reach.


Food and drink

The quality and quantity of the catering is of paramount importance at a corporate event. We can cater drinks receptions, coffee breaks and main meals. Chef Tóth Tivadar and his team use ingredients from local producers to prepare homemade dishes and desserts dressed in a modern cloak.

We can cater for everyone, as we can also offer an alternative menu for lactose-sensitive, gluten-sensitive, vegetarian, vegan, insulin-resistant or diabetic employees.

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Team building programmes at the Malom és Kacsa

From time to time, our event hall hosts team-building training sessions. These sessions are all about bringing your colleagues closer together, so that teamwork will run more smoothly later on. The aim here is not to click, but to get to know each other better, even if you are not otherwise close or work partly or entirely online.

The possibilities for team-building programmes are endless, but we'll suggest a few, without being exhaustive.


Seat your colleagues in a room with a round table layout. One table makes a team. It's important to have a seating arrangement, because you don't need to seat those who are always hanging around the office at lunchtime, but those who hardly ever have contact. Each table should appoint a team captain and go for the muri! And during and before the snack, there's a great opportunity to play games together!


Hand out the quiz papers and pens to the teams. Once you have them, let the game begin! Draw out questions about the life of the company, its products, its development, and answers A, B, C, D. Have 10 to 15 questions, with a maximum of 20 seconds to answer. The team with the most correct answers wins. In the event of a tie, the toss-up game will decide. For example: in a year, how much ..... raw material is used in production?


Each colleague should be given a coloured piece of paper on which everyone can write down, without their name, what they would like to receive from the company's Guardian Angel. The management should promise to grant 1 wish per month. The difficulty is that you can't ask for material things, but things like making every Little Friday a Chocolate Thursday, or a cake day every month!


Illusionary images can be downloaded from the internet. These can be projected with the task. For example, how many pigeons are in the picture? The tables here also play as a team. When you run out of puzzles, project the solution. The team with the most correct answers is the winner.


Each team gets a menu from the Mill and Duck. Now have each table nominate one person to be called out by the game master. The tables are then asked to match the person they challenge with a main dish from the menu. The answer must also be explained to each team in the form of a story. E.g. the story is called "Marcsi and the Snipe Duck". The stories should be read aloud by each table and should include the staff at the table.


Each team should choose a working tool. The team leader names what they have chosen. Now write a love letter to this object. It could be a cellux shredder, a wireless mouse or a coffee machine. When ready, have a delegate team member read it out, but in an emotional, theatrical style. Once everyone has read it, have the teams vote on which table won this game.


At the end of the day, have each table member write a thought, compliment or kindness about each other. For example, I didn't know you had such a good sense of humour, Gyula. Each colleague should receive a colourful envelope with their name on it, in which they can write their compliments. After a hard day at work, it will feel good to read the kind words.


It's worth winning! End a busy day with a raffle! You can win an item, a voucher or even an extra day off.

The possibilities are endless, but one thing is for sure, you'll be sure to have excellent food and drinks at your disposal.