Our gastronomy

Everything is connected at the Malom és Kacsa Bistro and Event House!! Old mills in a new guise and classic flavours served in a modern way, proclaiming the message of the past in the present, pointing the way to the future.


The soul of our kitchen

Our chef Tóth Tivadar, who is also a pastry chef, has a knowledge that goes beyond traditional gastronomy!


His thirst for knowledge has been driving him for 20 years. It took him to travel to Europe to explore and now his international experience helps him to create his own style, which he combined with the inimitable, home-style flavours of modern, rural cuisine. The result is the unique flavours that have become the trademark of the Malom és Kacsa Bistro and Event House.


His speciality creations, such as the Snipe Duck or the unique vegan risottos, are as masterful as the spices he grows himself. His home-made syrups are a unique orgy of flavours and he delights in sourcing the best small-scale ingredients to combine with his own creativity to create new and exciting dishes.

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Do you care for
what you eat?

We do care also, because we want you to leave with a full belly and come back from time to time. Chef Tivadar and his team have a new look and feel for food intolerant, lifestyle conscious, dieting, diabetic, lactose intolerant, gluten intolerant, vegetarian and vegan guests, and they also think about the menu and weekly menu when designing menus. Everyone can live well with a special and delicious meal on their plate. Our weekly menus include seasonal dishes, starters and main courses, as well as dessert specialities.


tata kávézó kínálat

One of the finishing touches to a good meal is a delicious coffee with dessert. At the Malom és Kacsa Bistro and Eventhouse, the Italian coffee machine La Marzocco brews the original Costa Rican coffee.


Difference between coffee and coffee

At Malom és Kacsa Bistro and Event Venue, your favourite drink is made with excellent coffee from Bánya. The coffee was named after László Bányai, who purchased an 11-hectare finca in Lourdes Valley of picturesque Costa Rica and replanted it with 55,000 Caturra and Catuai coffee bushes. This is where the 16 varieties of coffee beans come from for the Malom és Kacsa.


You can have it as a ristretto, cappuccino or latte, with traditional, lactose-free or plant-based milk, and you'll never miss the delicious aroma. It's a typical taste you won't get at home, so you'll have to come to our shop.


If you've already gorged yourself, we suggest an easy stroll along the shores of Old Lake. This will make space for our premium ice cream, made with special recipes from Cloud9 a brand known of being free of artificial colours, flavours and aromas - an ice cream that can tempt you to our lakeside ice cream stand at the Malom és Kacsa Bistro and Event House.

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