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Make a family event a celebration for all! Make it about relaxation, recreation and quality time together! Don't take the focus away from the tiring spiral of shopping, home cooking and cleaning! Come to the Malom és Kacsa instead!


Special day outs

When we think of a family event, most of us think of weddings. But there are plenty of other special occasions that can be made more special with a family-style meal. Birthdays, name days, anniversaries, engagements, silver and golden anniversaries, christenings, graduations, baby showers, to name but a few of the private events we have organised.


At each event, there are guests who are picky eaters, dieters, conscious or compulsive lifestyle changers, and therefore follow a special diet. We have also thought about our guests with food intolerances, lactose intolerance and/or gluten sensitivity challenges. We can accommodate vegetarians and vegans alike.

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Our restaurant is child-friendly, with a special Duck Dining area for the little ones, a colouring corner and a giant duck in the garden. We're dog-friendly, so well-socialised dogs can roam not only the terraces but the entire restaurant after receiving our welcome dog biscuits. Our accessible and spacious areas are accessible for pushchairs and wheelchairs, and our internal lift makes it easy to move freely around the building.

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We only listen to you

In our three separate rooms on three levels, or on the terraces surrounding the building in a beautiful setting, we can cater for smaller families of 15-20 people, up to larger groups of 70-80.


Separate entrances and separate toilets guarantee privacy from others. Our specially designed furniture and equipment offer almost infinite possibilities for layout and seating arrangements, and you can ask our qualified staff for advice on the variability of these, so we can easily find the ideal solution for everyone.