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Live music dinners

In the Mill and Duck Restaurant and Event House, in addition to deliciously composed dishes, you can also enjoy music on Thursday evenings, because there is nothing better than quality live music. On warm summer evenings, the music is played on the willow terrace in front of the Pergola restaurant, with the lakeside panorama in the background, which is at once picturesque, romantic and very atmospheric.


Music Corner is regularly filled with life and space music from a diverse range of performers. On Music Thursdays, one- and two-person groups play their own and well-known artists' hits in unique arrangements. The world music experiences span eras and decades, with fabulous vocals, guitar and piano accompaniment filling every inch of the lakeside promenade.


We won't be caught cold or rained out! If we can't hold our scheduled events outdoors, our live music events quickly move to the covered Pergola restaurant area, where delicious food specialties and refreshing cocktails can be enjoyed in the heat and rain.